Educating is different from teaching and my emphasis is towards educating students to make them responsible citizens of this great Nation. Our services not only limits to handling classes, it extends to Career counselling, Holistic personality Development etc.

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Support classes will be held for students of Class X, XI, XII in areas of Science and Physics. I also offer my support to students of Engineering in areas like Circuit Analysis, Electromagnetic Field and other Electrical & Electronics courses and help them to succeed.

Certified Counsellor

As a certified Pearson Career Counsellor, I provide career counseling to students of X, XII and UG students based on their personality traits. This is done by doing psycho analysis and mapping the student’s abilities with clusters of career which the student can passionately pursue.


Extended support is provided for students who need expert opinion in learning key skills like IoT, Machine Learning, Robotics, Virtual Reality, Drone Technology, GIS, Remote Sensing and many other cutting edge technologies, which are going to dominate the next few years.


Physics with Passion

Physics, considered to be the mother of all sciences is unfortunately a scare for many students especially for those who are undergoing higher secondary education.It is mainly becuase of the humongous amount of formulas and units which has to be understood and also applied at the right situation.Passion in physics needs thorough understanding in fundas and key concepts and that will diametrically change the perception among students to learn with interest.

Class XII Physics (CBSE & State Board)

Physics of class XII deals mostly about Electrical Engineering which needs a sound understanding of basic concepts. It is indeed fascinating and interesting since it involves solving problems. A comprehensive coaching with focus on concepts will make learning a happy and thrilling experience.

Learn with interest, learn with passion !!!

Dr B P Upendra Roy

Myself, Dr B P Upendra Roy,affectionately called as Roy Sir by my students who are spread across the globe holding prestigious positions. I'm a professional teacher with a strong passion to transfer knowledge in a most productive and at the same time a pleasant manner. With a rich teaching experience of more than 21 years in handling variety of subjects in Electrical,Electronics and Personality building courses my objective is to inspire the next generation youngsters to take up the challenges of both society and life in a balanced and professional manner .


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